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Shone's Access Plant Hire has been trading since 2009 and has amassed a fleet of 39 aerial lift platforms covering a wide range of applications with mobile boom lifts, scissors lifts and mobile Cherry Pickers. 

The latest addition is a remote controlled self-propelled mini crawler crane. The benefits of Driveable Mini Crawler Cranes is that they are extremely powerful for their small stature; the MC305 can lift up to 2.98 tons with a maximum working height of 12.52 meters from a machine only 1280mm wide.  All machines are weight/load tested annually and certified.


The in-house technician services all machines regularly, ensuring minimum down-time.


•  Driveable Boom Lifts with heights from 10m to 26m.
•  Self-propelled Scissor Lifts with heights from 6m to 12m.
•  Towable 12m Mobile Lift/Cherry Picker.
•  Towable 14m Mobile Lift/Cherry Picker.
•  Towable 17m Mobile Lift/Cherry Picker.
•  MC305 12m Mini Crawler Crane.
•  11 Ton Fuso Crane Truck.

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85 Currie Street


East London


TEL:  043 743 2043

FAX:  043 743 5050